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Kingdom of Priests Biblical Manhood Mentoring Program

Kingdom of Priests Biblical Manhood Mentoring Program

“He has made us to be a kingdom, priests to His God and Father…” – Rev 1:6


The Need:

As we surveyed the inner- city landscapes of urban communities around the country, beginning with our own in Charlotte, NC, we came to the following conclusion: there are too many men from various ethnic groups living beneath their God given potential, and especially men of color. This is for many reasons. Some self-inflicted and some because of the various obstacles that the inner city presents to the men within them. As a local church within the Body of Christ, we knew that the Gospel compels us to do something.

The Solution:

R5Church presents the Kingdom of Priests Biblical Manhood Mentoring Program. The purpose of this program is to…

1) EDUCATE men ages 16 and up, in areas where they may be lacking certain information that is critical for lifetime and generational success
2) EQUIP these men with the necessary tools to build themselves, their families and their communities into stories of great success, to the glory of Jesus Christ
3) EMPOWER these men though on-going accountability & mentorship.


Areas of Mentoring:

I. Spiritual Development

II. Personal Development

III. Providing for Yourself & Others

IV. Personal Economics

V. Self Defense & Security Training

VI. Community Leadership

VII. Agricultural Development

VIII. Legacy Building

If you are interested in finding out more about our Kingdom of Priests program, please email us at with “Kingdom of Priests” in the subject line.